The Turtle in the Snow

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With another slew of exams headed our way soon, the students at Kyamk are burdened by a workload that would make a turtle unable to walk. But with the bittersweet taste of procrastination comes a fulfilling amuse-bouche climax upon completion. It will be okay in the end. We will move on to greater things, like winter break! In the meantime, let your eyes twitch back and forth and consume this issue of the ever-popular Insider Student Magazine.

This week we have interviews with two Finnish companies and the Student Union. A delicious Christmas tart recipe by our delightful in-house chef, accompanied by a trash metal music review from our staunch audio critic. Our constantly annoyed designer from Slytherin, really exemplified the turtle this week. She wrote not only a movie review but also a comic book review!
Now I will leave you with a rhyme and start you off with a haiku:

Green as turtles are
The snow steadily will fall
All for the future

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Leif Heflin

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