The “joys” of moving


A while ago I received an email from my landlord, saying that I have to move because they have to renovate my apartment, and since then I have been thinking about all the joys of moving… oh God… I mean moving into a new place can be hard or exciting or fun, depends how you take it. For me honestly, it has been very frustrating. I hate packing, except for trips, and usually after the trip it takes me a month or so to unpack my luggage… so imagine moving into a new house.


Since the topic is the joys of moving (can you feel the sarcasm?), let me tell you a little bit of those now; the best part of moving is the fact that you can go through your stuff (clothes, kitchen equipment, or even furniture) and sell the items you don’t use or need anymore. You can sell those items in our university’s official second hand store on Facebook (It’s called Kirppis/Second Hand Store KyAMK on Facebook), and there you can also find new treasures for your new apartment also. Since I already started talking about the new apartment, let’s continue to the next best thing; you can decorate your new apartment in totally new way. It might cost a bit, but “out with the old in with the new” phrase says it all ;). At least getting rid of unnecessary items is something that I am planning to do, and making some space for new items. It also gives you the opportunity to have a fresh start, declutter and get organized.

The last part of the joys of moving is the fact that you might get a flatmate, at least that’s the situation for me. Honestly, I am excited about having a flatmate, because in my current apartment I used to live alone, and sometimes it would get very boring, but now I won’t have that problem anymore.


I consider myself very lucky, because I didn’t have to move far from home when I started studying in Kouvola, but when I talk with my friends, who had to move here from another country because of their studies, it makes me wonder, how did they pack all their most important belongings into 2 big luggage and left the rest behind? Please, someone help me! 😉


This apartment was my first apartment, and I was honestly clueless but my heart was full of excitement, and I was very nervous, luckily I had my family to help me move in and survive the first few weeks.


If you face this same problem, and you have to move to another apartment, there are some local housing companies, for example Kouvolan Asunnot Oy or Suhola-yhtiöt, where they rent houses to student’s also. And if you have heavy furniture and need a car to transfer your belongings, there are also companies to rent a car, or get help with the moving itself. It costs quit a lot, but they can be very helpful.


Anyways, I will continue packing before I start to bore you, enjoy your week and I wish you all lots of luck and patience if you are going through some changes in your life!

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