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As you all have probably seen that there is a new student union, called Kaakko, starting in our university. Here is an interview with the board members of the student organization. Rurik Rantalainen is the new chairman of the board, Simo Lipsanen from Savonlinna is the vice chairman, and Hilla Antikainen and Santeri Roivas are the board members.


Q: Have you worked before in any organizations?

Hilla: No, this is my first time.

Simo: Yes, Mikkeli Youth Council.

Santeri: I have worked before in student union Klaani as a board member.

Rurik: I have worked in student union Klaani, student association Meteli (board member) and in politics.


Q: What made you take part in this student union?

Hilla: I took part in this student union because I like to help other people, and here I can help other students promoting their privileges. I also thought it would be very interesting to learn more about the board.

Simo: Kaakko represents the school I will be studying for the next 3-4 years and I wanted a chance to improve it. It’s a chance that hasn’t presented itself in any other school I’ve been in before.

Santeri: I took part of this student union because of good experiences from student union Klaani. I also like to take a part to policy making.

Rurik: I have been creating this organization and I want to continue to work with it to take it forward.


Q: Could you describe Student Union Kaakko briefly?

Hilla: Exciting.

Simo: Students and the school united.

Santeri: Student union Kaakko secures students’ rights in XAMK now and in the future.

Rurik: Every South-East Finland University of Applied Sciences student support.


Q: How will the board be different than the previous board?

Hilla: It will be different when the two old Student Unions merge, because now we are going to begin with clean table and create a new way to observe every campus.

Simo: This year’s board has a lot of first year students and one international student as well.

Santeri: This board will affect in four campuses.

Rurik: We have now people from three different campuses and we got the first international student to join the student union in our history.


Q: What will you bring to the students?

Hilla: I’m bringing a new way of thinking, because I don’t have previous opinion about this organization.

Simo: Come to me. I will listen and I will speak on your behalf.

Santeri: I bring to the student’s student union knowledge and good social skills. I also stay close to other students so I’m easy to reach if necessary.

Rurik: I bring equality, unity and listening skills.


Q: What are your career goals?

Hilla: My career goals are to become as eminent as possible, but the most importantly I want to enjoy what I do.

Simo: A career in HR management and/or entrepreneurship.

Santeri: My goal is to get positive affect to student union working and give my best to student union.

Rurik: I live day by day and now my task is to strengthen the role of the students in our school, as well as in society.


Q: What are the top 3 things that are the most important thing you want to achieve as a board this year?

Hilla: More visibility, equality at all campuses, to become one big community.

Simo: First: it’s a new job for me, so I must get to know the basics as well as I can. Second: See if there’s things to improve and learn how to improve them. Third: Improve the cooperation between the four campuses.

Santeri: Secure student rights in school, help students with different kind of problems and keep myself easy to reach.

Rurik: To unify our school students, to make Kaakko known and create a strong and functional base for the new student union.


Q: When the board changes next year, what is the most important thing you want people to remember about you?

Hilla: That I’m just like any other student. So, if they are interested about this organization, they can also try to be part of it.

Simo: That I got things done well enough to warrant a second year in the same position.

Santeri: I want people to remember me as a high-quality board member.

Rurik: Friend and defender of students.


Q: What traits or characteristics does a person need to be successful in this position?

Hilla: You should have real desire to do this and have good social skills.

Simo: Social skills, ability to negotiate and perseverance.

Santeri: Person needs good social skills and energy to take part to happenings besides school.

Rurik: Strength, confidence and co-operation.


Q: What expectations do you have for this year?

Hilla: Fun and productive year.

Simo: Meeting new people and making new connections to other students and groups of interest.

Santeri: I wait next year with excitement and I know it will be quite tough at the beginning because of the fusion of the school but we will survive and make this student union great.

Rurik: There will be heavy, but a unique year. We are creating a new student union and I’m going to put everything on the line, to become the best student union in Finland.

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