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So you have experienced StartUp Passion    yourself just recently. Or maybe you just heard or found out about StartUp Passion Training Program from someone, saw a poster or run into it on Facebook. You might be into developing ideas and changing the world with other passionate people working towards a common goal. Or maybe you’re alone with your thoughts and looking for other likeminded, enthusiastic people.

But why exactly should you jump into our programme and invest some time in it? What could you gain and why choose this specific program to build your future skills in developing ideas and customer-centered businesses? The following 5 principles describe our training programme and may help you to make up your mind.

  1. Challenging yourself is fun

We run into various problems every day. Actually we are surrounded with small and huge problems. Why not trying to solve one of those problems? Why not becoming someone who changes the world in some way? We’ll help you to find the problems, the solutions and becoming a change maker. We will help you to see opportunities. We will encourage and support you to challenge yourself more and more to change the world around you. Dare to jump and become an innovator and developer. Challenge yourself with problems. Learn to love challenges!

  1. Learning is fun

Learning can be fun if you let it be! We aim at personalized learning. When you have ownership of your problem (and thus also the solution) and work with your own, relevant idea, you will be dedicated to learning in an entirely different manner. It will be natural and inspiring. You will enjoy learning and you will learn more than you even expected. Learn, enjoy and have fun!

  1. Cross-border is fun

Meeting people from various backgrounds with variety of skills and knowledge, talking to and with them, creating something together in a cross-border environment take your learning process into a totally another level. The most creative and successful teams are the ones able to rise above the differences and conflicts. Creating a cross-border startup right from the beginning can be a huge competitive advantage today. Do not fear the borders – instead cross them!

  1. Working hard can be fun

We have one simple rule for our participants and there are even songs written about it: “Work, work, work, work, work.” It is just as simple as that. It doesn’t mean that we would not have fun together as well but to achieve goals, to build something big (and even something smaller) you need to work hard. This program is not for relaxation. It is not a holiday. It’s about challenging yourself, bringing yourself into another level and becoming better. Actually we want you to become the best version of you!

  1. Passion and conviction should lead you to satisfaction

If you’re just passionate about something but you don’t work hard, you won’t be able to achieve your goals. But if you’re passionate AND convinced, you will start moving and doing. This kind of action will ultimately bring you satisfaction: just simply knowing you tried for instance with an idea of yours is satisfying as such. We will help you with setting up goals and taking the following steps to further either your startup idea or simply your career. So take the first step, join our programme and start moving!


By: Kirsi Rouhiainen

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