Spring, where are you?!


As I am writing this article, I remember my first article in Insider, about autumn, and how much we were excited about it (or at least I was), and now the time has gone so fast, it is almost Spring! Or some people consider this weather as spring already! Wow! But the best part about spring is the fact that we are one step closer to summer! And if someone is looking for summer job, now is the last chance to apply for it! Be fast!


Previous week was the StartUp Passion Hackathon in Riga, Latvia, and as I spoke with a few participants after the hackathon, they were very excited, and now they are more motivated to take their ideas further and make it happen for real. And mostly, the participants were happy that they got to meet new people from different nationalities and gain different kind of knowledge and experience. The next StartUp Passion part will be on April 5th and this time it will be held in Kouvola, and it is also going to be a 3-day program. More information about this program can be found on their official Facebook page (StartUp Passion) or on their website: www.startuppassion.eu.


Since this whole year, we haven’t had any kind of polls, now we decided to create a few polls, to get to know our readers better, to see what their hobbies are, how they spend their free time etc. Also, one thing that was very interesting for myself, was to know where our readers are from originally.



  1. What Continent are you from originally?
  2. Africa
  3. Antarctica
  4. Asia
  5. Europe
  6. North America
  7. Australia
  8. South America
  9. Other (Space?)


  1. What are your hobbies?
  2. Netflix and Chill
  3. Cooking
  4. Sports
  5. Finding GIF’s online
  6. Tinder
  7. Scrolling on Social Media
  8. Other


  1. What device do you prefer to play games on?
  2. PC/Mac
  3. Console
  4. Mobile
  5. Online
  6. Other
  7. Which video streaming service do you prefer?
  8. Netflix
  9. Viaplay
  10. CMore
  11. HBONordic
  12. Youtube
  13. Legally downloading 😉
  14. Other


  1. Which music streaming service do you prefer?
  2. Spotify
  3. Deezer
  4. Apple Music
  5. Google Play Music
  6. YouTube
  7. Other


We have a box outside our office, where you can answer all these questions, and you can also answer them online.

We would be more than happy to get some kind of response and see what kind of readers we have.

We will publish the results on our next issue, and you can all answer anonymously

See you next week! 🙂

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