#SBP – Superb Banana Pancakes


Because we are adults, we can decide whether to start our day properly with a healthy, nutritious breakfast, or instead eat virtually nothing and be all tired and shaking during the first lectures. Many of us make the second decision. The ones that chose the first option, are looking all fresh and energetic already at 8.15am. We who didn’t eat anything are now hating their guts. God, they are so annoying, why won’t they just go away with all that bursting energy!

What did the healthy breakfast eaters have then? Maybe porridge, sandwiches, who knows and who cares. But if we would have chosen to eat something, it could’ve been something a bit different this morning. Something good. Something like pancakes. But healthy pancakes, not the ones that Americans eat.

If we decided to make the adult decision to eat well before school, we would need only a few ingredients for it. Two bananas, two eggs and some butter. And blueberries or strawberries, berries of your taste to add on top of the pancake once it’s ready. In order to prepare a lovely pancake breakfast we would first mash the bananas (we could do it with a hand blender to get the mixture really smooth but a fork would do the job quite OK as well), break the eggs and mix them and then combine these amazing elements together. We would prepare the pancake on a frying pan with mild heat and a lot of butter. Banana pancakes burn easily so we would be extremely careful with them.

Finally, we’d sprinkle berries of our choice on top and voilà, a superb breakfast!