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Profile: Sabine Suorsa

  1. Who are you

I am Sabine Suorsa, or just Sabi. I am the Project Manager of the StartUp Passion in Baltic Sea Region project here at Kyamk soon to be XAMK. I am Austrian and I love my family, Bindi my daughter and Jari my partner in crime/hubby/ex-hockeyplayer/referee, plus our new family edition Pontus Becks Suorsa (our pubby dog). I very often say in particular to Finns – I am not a Finnish person don´t ask me to act like this – I am Austrian full of passion, energy and sometimes I am a tornado.

  1. Who is your sidekick or party buddy?

What a question J of course it is Kirsi Rouhiainen.

I am really blessed to have her as my sidekick or buddy, she is a true inspiration and I learnt so much form her and I highly appreciate her energy and effort she brings into our project. I am glad to have a great team behind me in this project – makes life as a Project Manager way easier. But also the rest of my Starpabs team are just so important to me, like Ari Lindeman, Marianne Roslund, Niina Salmi, Jori Pölkki and Suvi Pylvänen. Of course I am also happy to have Heidi Sjörgren from Cursor as my sidekick, she is a huge help and a great partner. Me, Kirsi and Heidi are also called “The Butterfly Butchers” J

  1. What is the best thing you have learnt this year

There is a huge list and all of them are great. I guess the cultural differences and their obstacles might be one important thing I learnt. That I should be more AND more open-minded still. I do not see differences or obstacles as something negative – I face them with a positive attitude (at least I try the most of the timeJ)

  1. What is the best thing about being part of the SUP

ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING – every minute I enjoy the fullest. No matter how long or how many hours I am sitting behind my desk, I enjoy every single minute. The personal development and growth each participant is making is so great to see – It makes me so proud of them and at the same time inspires me to give them more and let them experience more.

  1. How did SUP come to be

Some smart people (not me) had the idea of this awesome project and they worked for a gigantic long time on it to make it happen – I am really happy to be part of it.

  1. How long have you been involved with the program?

I am part of this program (SUP) since last year November. But involved in the startup movement here at Kyamk – I guess it was late 2012 beginning of 2013 when I got the call from Antti J. It was a very funny call, but we catched up and we started to work together, it was from the first minute on the best experience I ever had. Lots of awesome thing happened since that time – like PatteriES – What a story J

  1. What was your favorite thing to do in the summer once everything was over?

At first for sure relaxing, spending quality time with family, enjoying the Finnish Summer. It actually have been my very first “holidays” in Finland. I mostly go back home (Austria) to visit my family and friends there.

But of course thinking about the next round of our StartUp Passion – the competition and From Business to Success program which will start in September, all the exciting things which will come up in the new academic year. And of course meeting our new talented students from all over the world and get them inspired about entrepreneurship and the startup movement.

  1. Since you are involved with Startup programs, would you like to be one of the startups in your program getting advice instead of giving it?

Oh yes, definitely I would love too. This would be such an awesome experience, going through all the 6 step of our StartUp Passion journey. The amount I would learn – is priceless. Actually we (SUP Team Finland staff) talked about the idea to create our very own startup and join our events as participants. It would be great and as Prof. Alan Barrell would say “WHY NOT” J

  1. If you could tell Antti something, what would it be.

As usual I would have a lot to say to Antti (laughing), but this time I do not know where to start. I would say “THANK YOU” in font size 72 and beyond plus super ballistic BOLD (Insider guys do not make it that big it was just a symbol – but please keep it like this) – for everything. You helped me to understand quite a lot, you let me explore my Design EYE. You are an amazing support throughout all this years and beyond I am grateful. You became a great friend for lifetime. But I guess you helpe me find my path and let me be me – and last but not least KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.


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