Road to Nowhere


On their sixth studio album Little Creatures in 1985, the Talking Heads released a happy sounding song with the name “Road to Nowhere”. Singer and musical mastermind David Byrne celebrated the dark, dystopian future and the end of the world. There are plenty of 1970s and 1980s apocalyptic songs, so many that you could create a playlist for days. You can easily recognize music of these decades today, due to their sombre synthesizer & drums sounds and their dark and hopeless lyrics.

Hopelessness and perceptions about a suppressed society are today relevant as never before. A linguistic jury in Germany named “post-factual” as the word of 2016, which illustrates the tendency of the public to accept lies and “felt truths”. The mistrust in the media, the curtailment of press freedoms by narcistic politicians and the country ban of persons because of their nationalities or beliefs, are definitely steps towards the road to nowhere.

In times like this universities like XAMK can be a haven of peace and clarity. This week’s issue discusses both sides. It features a movie review about a dark thriller to get you into the mood for the end of the world party. In addition, it presents the second part of our hopes in the new brand ambassadors of the International Business Programme.

Julia Weyrauch

Julia Weyrauch

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I’m an exchange student from Germany, who will keep you informed about the experiences of the international exchange students in Finland. I’m also a little ray of pitch black darkness.
Julia Weyrauch

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