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Richard is an outspoken gent who has a moustache. He is who he is and if you don’t like him (derogatory whistle sound). He is a geek, nerd, and a tech freak rolled all into one. A “Wars”, “Trek”, and Marvel fan – DC fans stay away from him! #MadIrishMan

Are you familiar with Popeye? You introduce yourself in a similar way and even end the sentence with a whistle.
Yeah I know Popeye. He is old, like me. A classic cartoon which everybody should watch.

Are you a student or a teacher?
I am a student but people often confuse me as a staff member due to my age.

How important is networking?
Very important! It can make things easier if you are in a business world. And as a business student all business students should know how to network – it can help their career.

The best tool for networking?
Meet and greet. Using social tools such as LinkedIn, not Facebook. Facebook is personal and LinkedIn is business. I don’t like using Facebook for business because it is a waste of time. The network pisses me off.

People often use the words “geek” and “nerd” interchangeably. Does this ring true with you or do you divide the two into separate categories?
They are the same thing to me. ME!

What would you say if all Marvel movies were suddenly removed from history? All that remained were DC movies.
Initial response was not publishable
You would find a very unhappy person who would not be watching them. I would cry!

Who shot first, Han or Greedo?

How many dreams do you have about Trump?
You mean nightmares?! No comment. I’ll plead the 5th on that. God help us! How is he that stupid, honestly? All he knows is how to evade taxes.

What is your current favourite tech gadget?
Which category?

Which generation?

Any iPhone running iOS 10.1.3, but my all-time favourite is Nokia 3310 or 3330 or 7210 or 9510 but then the I was better with the colour screen…falls back in his chair with drool on cheek.

I like smartbands and smartwatches at the moment because they are good fun. No favourite computer but I really like using Mac.
Tablets, first gen Android because it was more hackable and then the iOS devices because the “just work”. I’ve given up on Windows, but wearables are good fun.

I’m really looking into the smarthome stuff. Controlling everything with a mobile device really interests me.

Kirk or Picard?
Picard! Cpt. John Luke Picard of the USS Enterprise! NCC1701D GET IT RIGHT! But then you’ve got Riker. Rikers is number 1, make it so! Leonard Nemoy IS SPOCK! New Scotty is better.

How has the sell-out of Lucasfilms Inc. affected your enjoyment of the Star Wars universe?
They’ve commercialised it too much. The original 3 were brilliant! Abrams did a good job but they should have spun them off into something else instead of trying to stick to the main one.

Do you think it will work without Carrie Fischer?
She did have a big role but she also didn’t have a big role. Now they have to rewrite so much because she is gone. Who will replace her?

Should they use CG?
No! No…If they do it then they will lose many fans. I will be finished with it if they do that!

Richard left the room shrouded in language which is NSFW.

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