Profile: Antti Viitanen

  1. Who are you

I am the startup guy, the main organizer for *ship – The Startup Festival -event, student in Master of Business Administration; International Business Management, Kyamk graduate from Batchelor of Art; Product design and Communication, project manager at Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences, startup culture developer in Kymenlaakso region, startup evangelist, founder for PatteriES, advisor in PatteriES, laid back person who enjoys nature and hanging at cottage, but on the other had gets kicks out of extreme sports and activities. My girlfriend would probably say that I am the guy who is never home, my friends would most likely say I am the guy who is always busy and I would say that I am an entrepreneur and loving every minute.

  1. Who is your sidekick or party buddy?

At the moment my main priority is on *ship and there my sidekick is Ms. Momal Mushtaq. With her we are equally responsible that shi* happens. All PatteriES members are my sidekicks and party buddies and we do several things and events together. During my time working in PatteriES I have gained several friends and even though we don’t do that much work related stuff together anymore, those people are my party buddies. Work hard play hard, has been our motto for several years!

  1. What is the best thing you have learnt this year

Give all, believe in good people, hustle your ass off and great things happen. This year I have seen *ship grow from an idea to a noteworthy startup event. Everything takes time when you build any kind of enterprise, but for me this year actually showed how it happens. This gives me a huge hope that whatever you do and if you do your best and people around you supports what you do, that in time it will grow in to something greater.

  1. What is the best thing about being part of the SSC/*ship

In *ship, even though I am the main organizer, I feel that I am part of something greater than myself. This is taking me to places where I meet absolutely awesome people and I get to express myself in so many ways. I learn new things from others all the time and I get to experience entrepreneurship.

In Startup Summer Camp I have been involved for three years now. First year I was taking part as a team and also organized it. This is great because I did it also because I needed it. This year I was mainly as one of the couches in the beginning. But what is the best thing about SSC is the people and the relationships we have built during the summers. We keep in touch with those people regularly.

  1. How did SSC/*ship come to be

I was working in Design Factory, in Otaniemi. There I get to know about Venture Garage (now Startup Sauna). These places and the atmosphere got me really excited and inspired. There I got to know of Summer of Startups organized by AaltoES. I had a friend taking part to that program and I get to understand that basically anybody can create a business of their dreams if you really want it, this was summer 2012. So, by witnessing this I felt that Kyamk students deserve the same opportunity in our school as well. Then if we fast-forward a little bit, I met Venture Gym from Kotka and we did first SSC in the summer 2014.

*ship came to be when there was different organizations in the region struggling with the same question of: how could we lighten up the entrepreneurial spirit in the region. Then this guy Jouni Eho got us all in the same table for a workshop to work on this. There one of *ships mentors came up with the idea: “Since Kotka is located by the sea, why don’t we do an entrepreneur-SHIP. An actual cruise ship that we would pack full of investors and startups and sail them to the sea and not let them out before all the ideas has got an investment.” This is how everything started. People can read the full story from

  1. How long have you been involved with the SSC/*ship?


Next years Startup Summer Camp will be organized by someone else. I feel that the organizer should be as hungry as I was when I made the first SSC in 2014. Anybody interested can contact me 😀

  1. What was your favorite thing to do in the summer once everything was over?

Meet friends, travel a bit, relax and drink beer. I only had time to take one week of holidays so didn’t really want to plan too much.

  1. Since you are involved with Startup programs, would you like to be one of the startups in your program getting advice instead of giving it?

In a startup program the meetings are pre-booked for you. I am one of the persons to book the people to come to the startup programs. So I know some of these people in advance and I do set up meetings with them myself if I feel like that they could help me or vise verse. And people are all the time booking up meetings where I take part and I get to meet really interesting people who do guide me in both business and personal level, and that is awesome.

I love taking part to SSC as a mentor/couch. And being part of SSC gives me the opportunity to meet the other wonderful coaches, mentors and participants and share my ideas with them. And that is also great. To actually answer the question: yes.

  1. If you could tell Sabine something, what would it be.

You were one of the biggest influences for me in the first steps of PatteriES. You grew my competitiveness (as a former downhill skier knows best), you made me braver (as you are a person with no fears what so ever), you taught me business (and I design to you as a favor), you injected me with energy every day (with the energy you possess), you taught me negotiation skills (as the tough cookie you are) and you have been a good friend to me.

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