PeaBalls – put them in your mouth and eat them


Spring is just around the corner, or some even say that it is spring already. As on ode to the spring let’s this week have something perky! There is not too much green and fresh in the nature just yet (except the fresh scent of all the dog poop that is now starting to reveal under the melting snow) so we should have some (not the poop) in our plates.

These peaballs that we are preparing are very cheep and you can alternate the recipe easily: though in this version we have halloumi and mint, you can leave them out and just use parsley or then replace halloumi with feta, what ever to your taste. OK, let’s go ahead and get started!

What you need:

½ dl crushed (dried) peas (in store ask for hernerouhe)

1 ¼ dl water

1 glove of garlic

¼ teaspoons salt

¾ teaspoon cumin

1 dl fresh mint

200g halloumi cheese

¾ dl gluten-free oat flour

1-2 eggs

½ teaspoons fresh lime juice

black pepper


What you do:

1. Peel and crush the glove of garlic. Crush the fresh mint as well, but be careful not to smash it, the less you need to destroy it the better. The taste goes bitter if crushed too much (the same applies by the way when making mojitos: first crush the lime well and just slightly press the mint in there. Now however to our disappointment we are not making mojitos but peaballs).

2. Combine the crushed peas, oat flour, garlic, mint, black pepper, cumin and crushed halloumi cheese.

3. Add water and once mixed, add egg or two.

4. Carefully, with your tiny, precious hands, mold some tiny little balls (about 20 balls) straight into the frying pan. There can be quite a lot of oil in there and as you might guess, not all balls fit in there at the same time.

4. Fry for 10-12 minutes, remember to turn balls every once in a while.

These delicious peaballs are best with dip sauce so make that one as well and enjoy dipping balls!