Mysterious times


Alternative facts. Unfair media. This is what has been going on after only three days of having the new President of the United States in office. Last weekend Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer held the first press briefing and straight forwardly lied as he stated that the audience to attend the inauguration was the largest ever. It wasn’t. Then afterwords in a TV-show Trump’s senior adviser Kellyanne Conway defended Spicer by saying that in fact he wasn’t lying but telling Americans “alternative facts.” There are no such things as alternative facts. There is only facts and then there is fiction. Phrases like those can do a lot of harm to public’s trust in the media. Lies, childish behavior and attempts to plant the seeds of suspicion is what the new regime has offered so far. It has been only three days. Three.

Insider doesn’t offer you alternative facts. Insider offers you an insight to Xamk’s ever so lovely International Business Programme Brand Ambassadors. Get to know them maybe while enjoying some nice pasta, the recipe for that is also in this issue!