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Meri is from Finland and she is a 20 year old, second year, International Marketing (Kansainvälinen Markkinointi) student who has a vocational degree as a media-assistant.

What specifically made you choose for KyAMK?

Actually, my mother. I was at home without a job and just hanging out with friends every day. She told me to sign up for school and business would be good because you can go anywhere from there.

I know you are very busy besides your studies. Can you talk a little bit about that?

I am the secretary of the Patteri board and for now it has been pretty busy. We arrange some events like for instance the stage event at Metsola campus in Kotka, where I got to be one of the hosts. That was pretty cool. I am also a marketing tutor (and former international tutor). It is pretty easy to combine because I can decide the events I want to go to. So I don’t get too busy but I also have so much school stuff going on like an event management course. So much events to arrange.

Do you still have time for some hobbies?

Photography. I also like painting if I have time but lately I haven’t really had much time for that. Painting with watercolours is really nice. Oh, and yes I like to go to flea markets and second hand stores.

Do you have classes together with International Business students and if not would you like to have those?

Not right now but I would like that. It would be really cool. For example that English course that Slaveya teaches. She was talking that we should have it together with IB students because it is the same course. It is a really good idea.

What kind of advice would you like to give to foreigners who come to study in Finland?

Be on time! That is really the most important thing.

How do you feel about team work? Would you like to see more of it? Or less?

I don’t know. I think right now there is a good balance. They are so difficult to arrange, combining all the schedules to arrange meetings. It is really hard but I think it is okay.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Hopefully working abroad. In a job that lets me be creative and working with different kinds of people. One thing I hope also is that the work wouldn’t be the same thing every day. The same work every day is just not my thing.

You have done this media assistant vocational study. How has it helped you in your marketing studies here?

It definitely did help. I haven’t had any classes with InDesign etcetera and it would be good to do something again but that is where Patteri comes in. I can do those things there and keep up with it.

Anastasija, who previously worked at the info, wanted to ask you: ‘What would be your future country to live and work in?’

I don’t know. Finland is pretty good because for the future if I think about where I would want to raise my children then Finland is definitely the place where I would want to raise them. I also would really want to live in another country before that though. Probably a European country but I don’t have any specific one in mind.

What would you like to ask from the next person?

If you would have to learn one skill, what would it be?

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