Mämmi, the Crappiest Dessert You’ll Ever See


Easter is just around the corner, so now it’s time to have a look at the most famous and definitely the strangest of all Finnish desserts, mämmi. It is a traditional dessert eaten usually around Easter here in Finland. As you can see, it looks a lot like poop. Some eat it with milk, others like to add a little whipped cream on top of it, but it doesn’t make it more appealing, since it then looks just crap with whipped cream. And was it Freud who said that people who collect things, such as stamps, are in fact hiding their underlying desire to play with poop. Could it be, that Finns as a nation are hiding some underlying urge to eat poop? Is there something seriously wrong with us? Oh, the logic and the reasoning behind this, stamps equals love for poop equals love for mämmi.

Anyways, the first recordings of mämmi dates back to the 18th century. Some believe that mämmi is a Finnish equivalent to the Jewish matzo bread. Mämmi however is not bread, but porridge, and more specifically, sweetened porridge that is made out of water, rye malt and rye flour. Typically there is also some salt and bitter orange peel in it. Some recipes suggest adding also syrup.

Mämmi tastes sweet, and it has a lot of fibers. A 100g of mämmi contains 160-180 kilocalories, so it is best not to eat too much of it. Mämmi also contains vitamins and it is good for your intestines. If you have never tasted mämmi before, remember that it can cause unwanted symptoms to those that are queasy.

Crap..Happy Easter to everyone!