Little spots of green


It’s happening. Finally, after weeks of darkness and snow storms, we had the first days of plus degrees. The snow, which can be more considered as a greyish, frozen pile of dirt on the side of the roads, has been melting and the first grassy spots emerge, fuelling our hopes for spring. While I noticed a certain increase of bicycle movement in the basement of Kuusihaankatu, my friends in Central Europe start sharing photos of the first spring flowers on social networks.

And on top of that, we will celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day this week. In Dublin, citizens and tourists will have a festival of four days, including a festival parade, concerts, treasure hunting, eating prawns and illuminating the city with green lights. If you cannot afford a short trip to Dublin, you can enjoy the Saint Patrick’s Day’s events in the bars and pubs of Kouvola. So, raise your Guinness glasses and have fun with this week’s issue. Sláinte!

Julia Weyrauch

Julia Weyrauch

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I’m an exchange student from Germany, who will keep you informed about the experiences of the international exchange students in Finland. I’m also a little ray of pitch black darkness.
Julia Weyrauch

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