Kassun Lanit III

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Pictures: Lauri Sillanpää

Last weekend, Xamk’s now semiannual LAN party event was arranged for the third time. Almost 70 people brought their computers to the titular space of Meduusa Studio, and over the weekend a hundred other people showed up on location. The people with their own computers were able to play whatever they pleased, however, judging by its prevalence on the screens across the hall one would think playing Overwatch was obligatory.

The participants that didn’t feel like hauling their PCs all the way to Meduusa were able to try the newest consoles and multitude of recent releases in the console lounge, from which the party game Jackbox.TV and mascot racer Mario Kart 8 proved to be particularly popular.  For attendants looking for a break from staring at their screens, bucketload of board and card games were made available in the lobby beside the studio, ranging from modern classics like Ticket to Ride and Dominion, to cult favourites like Sushi Go and One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

Those tired from the excessive sitting in front of the computer/console/board game were able to lay their weary heads to rest in the Arthouse. In addition, people were often caught napping on the sofas and beanbags in the lounge area despite the music, loud chatter and occasional shouting and swearing. The latter was most prevalent during the latter parts of the tournaments.

Speaking of which: once again, multiple competitions were arranged over the weekend. On Friday, the tournaments were held for League of Legends, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and the now-classic Crash Team Racing. All of these tournaments continued well into Saturday, and the finals for both CTR and LoL had to be postponed until Saturday afternoon due to the increasing exhaustion of the participants. In addition to the postponed finals, tournaments hosted on Saturday included Super Smash Bros. and Overwatch. As what seems to already to be a norm, the Overwatch tournament ran for over eight hours, until around 2 A.M. The prizes were kindly sponsored by XAMK, Omoi.fi, POWER, GameStop, Kouvolan Lakritsi, Papulaari and McDonalds.

On Sunday, the LAN action was suddenly cut short by a chance bottle of water fell and spilled its contents on an extension cord under mysterious circumstances, effectively cutting off the internet access from the whole hall. Fortunately no harm to any equipment was caused, and it was already two in the afternoon, so everyone was ready to pack their gear and get out anyway.

Overall, the third installment in the Kassun Lanit was the biggest event thus far, drawing XAMK students from all the way from Savonlinna. Here’s to hoping the one next fall will be even better!



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