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In autumn 2015, when we started our studies, we were asked a few times if we are going to participate in International Week and represent our countries in one way or another. Some of our classmates said that they are planning to cook their traditional foods, and a few said they will have a dance routine. I was asked if I will represent my country or not, and I simply said no, because I had no idea how to represent it (I don’t know how to cook Iranian food, and I don’t have any traditional costumes, so you get my point?).


International Week is one week of celebration of different countries in KyUAS, and it is happening annually, every autumn, which you probably knew already. And every year there are guest speakers from different universities around Europe talking about different topics (for example entrepreneurship, design, culture), there is the very famous International Food Tasting (basically you can eat all the delicious food from different countries, yum!), and of course, a piece of Bollywood! Who would want to miss that?

This year’s program has some new additions, for example the International Week – Passport, which means that whenever you visit a stand, or attend a lecture, you will get a stamp on your passport, also you can take part in the Selfie Wall competition, and win a great prize. There will be also Fashion show ECOUTURE held in Paja gallery space, which will be probably very interesting.


Last years’ Food Tasting was a bit smaller compared to previous years, because not many countries were participated, but there was enough space for every country, and attendees got more food. And of course, the quality of the food was amazing like every other year! In last years’ Food Tasting, Finland had their own stand, but honestly I don’t remember what they were serving, because I was more excited about the Nepalese and Vietnamese food so I totally forgot to check the Finnish stand, but while checking this year’s schedule, I realized that on Thursday there is a program called Taste of Finland at Paja Café, which I am definitely going to take part in and hopefully this time I will not be distracted by anything else, and I can just try the Finnish foods.


The most practical part of the whole International Week is the fact that the guest lecturers’ lectures are added to our timetables and we could attend their lectures without missing any classes. And this years’ guest speakers are very interesting, one of the guest speakers is a former student of our university, Ali Giray, he was chosen Refugee of the Year 2016. He will be telling his experience about being a foreigner entrepreneur in Finland.


To be honest, I am personally looking forward mostly to the face paintings and the spectacular fire show which will be on Tuesday. I know, I sound very childish, but come on! We all have our inner child, and lets free them, at least for the International Week ;)!

Last year’s event was a very well organised, looking forward for this years! We wish all the best for the people participating in it, and we want to thank the core team, who is in charge of International Week every year, without you, we wouldn’t be able to experience all of these. Thank you!

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