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The annual gala by Heimo and Klanni was on Monday the 5th of December in the Officers club. The evening was a great evening for all who attended it. Everyone was dress up all women wore long gowns and the men wore a suit. It was great to see all making such a great effort. There was two big surprise that was planned for the evening and the first surprise of the evening was Hanni got the staff member of the year and the best thing was when she got up to thank everyone the first thing she said was Oh #### Kiitos, which is Hanni and the second surprise was the fireworks at the end of the evening. The only problem was the ice on the ground going up to see the fireworks everyone was slipping because if everyone’s shoes. When the fireworks where finished the after party was in alula. This is where everyone became students again. I would like to thank all the people involved in creating a great evening for all who attended.

The menu for the evening was not the normal December event menu which everyone was happy about, we did not have anything form the Christmas menu that you normal see at all the events in December. I have to say that the roast beef and salmon was nice and the salads which were different each salad had some different melon in it, the main course was chicken in a red wine sauce with wedges which was nice to have. The desert was Blueberry & white chocolate cake which everyone wanted more of but did not get more because it was all gone. The funniest thing was everyone wanted to talk selfies but did not know if they should until they where told to take one. The band which played easy jazz was nice because they had no singer, just drums and piano which was nice. They did play a few songs that everyone knew but may not have heard play only with drums and piano.

Also the organizers had set up a photo booth for everyone to get a nice photo of themselves and date all dressed up which was a great idea because there was a que to get for the photos. I think everyone had a good time, next years gala will be bigger as Finland turns 100 which is a very big for all who call Finland home.

The Insider staff had the difficult task of picking up the best dressing girl and the boy. After hours of secretly judging the outfits (and avoiding to look like a pervert), the staff finally made their final decision. For our pleasure the invitees, Silja Summanen and Tuomas Ukkonen, had some time to for us to answer few questions about their great outfits.

Silja Summanen has been studying graphic design for three years. However, this is her first time in Heimo’s annual Independence Day Gala. “I joined Kupla this year and after that I have got to know the other students who are actively involved with the school events”, Silja explains. “Henni Leikas and Annika Leppänen asked me to design the posters for this event, which is why I was invited to join the Gala for free.”

Not only the posters looked great, but also Insider Magazine thought that Silja’s dress was one of the prettiest in the event. Silja told that after she ditched the original dress she had, she asked her boyfriend’s mother to make the dress for her. “Originally, I had another dress. However, I felt like it was a bit boring and I wanted to wear something else. My boyfriend told me that his mother is able to make a dress for me and that it wouldn’t be too difficult”, Silja tells. The dress fits Silja perfectly as it was made specifically for her. She got to choose the fabric together with her boyfriend’s mother: “We travelled to Lahti and ended up buying the fabric from Eurokangas as they had the perfect fabric for the dress.” One of the best things about her dress is that it is so relaxed. “Because the dress is so laidback and it is made from the scratch for me, I can eat whatever I want and not worry about the dress”, Silja explains.

Insider staff asked Silja, what her plan is for the actual Independence Day. “I am going to Sillis, a herring-breakfast, which is originally a tradition from the universities. After a big party we gather around to have breakfast together and enjoy each other’s company. After that I’ll probably just watch the annual Independence Day gala and eat something good.”

Tuomas Ukkonen, is taking part of the Independence Day Gala for the second time. This year Tuomas is an invitee as he is representing Kupla. “This year the whole event has been more laidback, which is great. The organisers have trusted that the formality of the celebration still comes across even though the gala a more relaxed”, Tuomas says.

Tuomas is studying to become a designer stylist. You could clearly see his knowledge about fashion based on his amazing outfit. He says that picking up the suit was less stressful this year. “This jacket was the only one I actually had already hanging in my closet. So it was easy to build my outfit around this piece”, Tuomas tells. All of the pieces from his outfit are second-hand. For example the jacket used to belong to his friend and the shoes are from a second-hand shop.

Tuomas also had a clear plan for the actual Independence Day “Tomorrow morning I will visit my family and we will bake some gingerbreads together. After that we will gather around with my classmates to watch the Independence Day gala. This year there is actually a dress that one of my classmates made for the event”, he tells.


Insider staff is thankful for the opportunity to join this great event.


Text by Richard McGrath, Setareh Nourzad, Karoliina Niemi

Photo By Meri Ketonen & Lauri Sillanpää

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