Hello, Thank You


Hello, Hei, Hallo, Tere, Bonjour, Ahoj, Helló, Ciao, Dia dhuit, Shwmae, Hola, Здравейте, سلام، Здравствуйте, Chào bạn, Ahoj, नमस्कार, Servus, Grüezi, Y´ALL

What did you enjoy the most this week? Am asking you, so now am going to tell you what I like the most, the FOOD
I had two or three plate full of international food mmmmmmmmmmmmm, I did have a favourite but am not going to say which I liked the best, what I will say
Thank you to all the students that decorated a stand and cooked food for all of us to taste. A Big Thank you

As you know there was a vote for the best stand and food at the event, all the votes were counted and recounted again to make sure everything was correct. And the winner is Nepal & Bangladesh great work.

I hope everyone will thank the people who did all the hard work for this year’s International week.

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