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Frank Van De Voorde is a third year International Business student at XAMK. His interests include ice hockey, football, programming, and computer gaming. As far as business is concerned, he is most interested in operations management and sustainability.

Are you interested in watching ice hockey and football or playing as well?
I used to play football myself but I had to quit due to a severe knee injury. However, I avidly watch both football and ice hockey and have attended live games of both sports.

Do you have any favourite teams or players in either sport?
My favorite football team is Ajax and ice hockey team Ilves. I currently don’t really have any favorite football players but I used to be a big fan of Marco van Basten and Jari Litmanen. My favorite ice hockey players are Raimo Helminen (Doesn’t actively play anymore), Sebastian Aho, and Mikael Granlund.

Being a computer gamer how do you feel about console games?
I am not much of a console gamer unfortunately. While I do own an Xbox One I barely get around to hanging in the couch and playing. I much prefer keyboard and mouse for gaming.

Is it better to build your own PC or buy a premade one?
To be honest, it kind of depends. I actually recently had to replace my CPU fan and you can do that yourself rather easily nowadays. Similarly, putting a PC together isn’t that difficult with all the YouTube videos out there. However, on the other hand, with the ease of ecommerce, and part picker sites you can buy a customized system nowadays for just a bit higher price. At the end of the day, I rather just pick the parts, and let someone else put it together. Really the most important is to pick the parts yourself. Building it, is really a matter of effort versus reward.

Do you prefer AAA or indie games?
I tend to play AAA titles more than indie games. I grew up with the whole 4 color gaming scene seeing as my first computer was a C64 and I really feel that it doesn’t interest me anymore. Having said that, I do appreciate the innovation that indie games bring. AAA titles are often stuck in repetition and hardly ever think outside the box. One of my favorite games of recent years was actually crowdfunded.

In what languages do you prefer to program?
I program mostly in PHP and to some extent JavaScript.

Web, apps, programs, or games?
Because I am a web developer, I solely program websites; mostly SQL queries, dynamic web page content or UI interaction. I have been trying to find some time to diverge, and focus more on Java and Python programming but it is hard to stick to it on my own. It is however a future goal, and I’ll eventually get around to it.

Although you started out at Kyamk you will be graduating at XAMK. How has the change affected you in either a positive or negative way?
Eh, I personally don’t much care either way. I guess on the positive side is the fact that XAMK is a much larger organization but on the negative side it feels like a loss of identity. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter, the degree is the same.

What were the most influential or helpful classes to learn about your specialisation in operations management and sustainability?
Ethics and Sustainability in Supply Chain Management, and SCM. Unfortunately, there are no real operations management courses part of our curriculum. Something I would definitely have liked to see more of.

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