Beauty and the Beast

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Beauty and the Beast movie was re-telling one of the classics of Disney with some refreshed perspectives but still keeping it original just like the fairy tale itself.


The original fairy tale was written in 18th century France, and it was very nice seeing all the customs, settings, castles and culture in the movie were also presented that way, but one thing that I loved was the mixture of today’s world with the 18th century. It was nice to see that Belle was just a simple girl, living in a small town in France, and she was the type of the girl who didn’t get involved in other people’s business, she just loved reading books and being on her own.


My personal opinion is that in the movie they were singing way too much, and some scenes felt like it is never going to end, because they just kept singing and singing, and I am not a big fan of musicals! I also thought that the movie would be more magical, and since I am a cry-baby, I thought I would leave the theatre with swollen eyes, but that didn’t happen. However, the message of the movie was very clear, both for adults and children, that you shouldn’t judge a person by their looks, and that love is patient, kind and tolerant.


One of the biggest reasons why I wanted to watch this movie was because I am big fan of Emma Watson, and I think she is very talented, and it would’ve been a shame not to watch this movie. The ending was very nice, and somehow, I knew it would end that way (not going to say how, you can watch yourself), but I felt like there was missing a bit of magic, just like I said before. I recommend this movie to everyone, who is looking for a break from the reality.


“She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.”

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