Back Again


I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays, so now it time to hit the books again. The funny thing is that during the holidays the weather was not the best now that we are all back the weather is getting better and better, this is always the same.

In this week issue we are bring back the profiles, yes profiles, so Grayson is email people and asking would they like to be profiled, looking at the question they are different from Franks questions. The recipe is chocolate cake which is great but the problem is that I did not get to test the cake and am not happy about. If you what to travel when we next have time off we have list of the top 5 cities in Germany you may not meet other tourists so you might not bump into someone you know. Don’t forget to read about music Broadway zombies and the movie has gotten our highest rating so far.

So grab a coffee and a nice chair and enjoy reading this issue

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