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Anastasija Jernova is originally from Latvia but she has lived in Finland for about four years. At the time of publishing this profile she no longer works for KyAMK. Anastasija did her exchange studies here in KyAMK and also had to opportunity to study international business logistics in Kotka. Her major back in Latvia was board and shipping management.

At your work you need to use some Finnish. Do you find the language difficult?

In the beginning I thought I would never ever learn it because it is completely different from my native languages. I have two mother languages: Russian and Latvian. I basically speak already three languages so it is not really a problem. In the beginning as I said it was a bit difficult but now when I have an opportunity to speak some Finnish it becomes easier day after day. Sometimes it is a total mess in my head because I think in four languages.

What are your hobbies?

When I lived in Latvia my only hobby was my job because it was bartending. I really loved my job. When I came here in Finland at first I didn’t really find anything I was passionate about. I did try to do some things not to be bored because everyone knows Finland is awfully quiet. If I would have the opportunity I would love to start traveling more and maybe make some handcrafted stuff. I find that interesting and I can use it to decorate my flat. I also really love walking. Just admiring the view and seeing the beautiful nature. Now my main hobby is learning Finnish! I always enjoy learning new languages.

Here at the info you meet a lot of foreign students. Do you have any problems communicating with them?

Actually, no. I have been studying English for a very long time. I have met a lot of people from a lot of different countries and I get used to their different accents quite easily. When I started working as a guide in Riga and there were many British groups with many different accents and that was quite difficult at first but I got used to it quite quickly. Asian students might be a bit more difficult at times because they speak often very quietly but I got used to it when I was here on exchange because many of my classmates were Asian.

What are the biggest differences between Latvia and Finland?

People! We have a totally different mentality. We are more similar to Russians because we used to be part of the Soviet Union. Finns are more conservative maybe. We are completely different. The culture stuff that is; the food, activities and hobbies. Sports and TV are basically the same everywhere but it is more the way we do things. Same with business and marketing. They are completely different and also job life is totally different in Latvia. I also think we are much more outgoing that Finns.

What about similarities?

I don’t really know. We are from the same area; the Baltic Sea region. I can’t really think of anything specific right now.

Nabin wanted to ask you who is your favourite staff member here in KyAMK?

I actually really cannot answer that. Basically everyone here is very helpful and nice. Everyone is very interesting as they all have different kind of jobs. So I can’t really decide, they all are very nice.

What would you like to ask from the next person?

Which country would he or she choose for work and for living in the future, and why?

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