Editorial Staff

Richard McGrath
Online Editor
Gadget freak, photographer, writer and more but I wont put it here or it will be to long and no one will read it.
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Sarah Rosenthal
Layout Editor
I'm a Sagittarius, which probably tells you already everything you need to know about me...
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Roope Sorvo
Music Reviews
Aspiring artist, writer, game designer and owner of an oversized record collection.
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Leif Heflin
Current affairs / Events
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Suvi Karell
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Julia Weyrauch
Exchange View
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Setareh Nourzad
Current affairs / Events
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Roope Saukkonen
Game Reviews
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Hugh Clack
Editor in Chief
Senior Lecturer & International Student Counsellor at KyUAS, professional photographer at Valokuvaaja Hugh Clack
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